Nikhil mehta


Nikhil is more than just a co-founder. He is also the brains and passion behind NJM! ⁠

He is fun and friendly, with a great sense of humour (according to him!) And he will also most likely choose a plate of biriyani over his friends!

His love affair with film making started with him on a trip to Bali and a Go pro. His talent for story telling and child like fascination for editing a story's outcome is just the icing on the cake.

He's is highly efficient and works at the speed of flash (we're talking about the DC comics superhero). Trust us when we say - what can be done tomorrow, he makes it happen today!

PS: We internally joke that he has 27 hours a day!



While Albert is one of our primary editors, his talent surpasses many areas of filmmaking. He has a flair for writing, loves being behind the camera too, and is a natural storyteller. He is a man of few words, but his mind is a fascinating place! Despite being one of the youngest among us, he is great with his work and always eager to keep learning.

He's from Kerala and takes a large portion of his inspiration from there. The landscape, the food, and the people seem to aid his creativity like no other. He eventually sees himself in the film business, where he credits the start of his filmmaking dream.

He's witty, with a dry sense of humor that has us cracking up. Albert has a constant sense of calm about him, and no matter how tricky the situation he will always figure it out.

As a child, he started off with a dream to be a surgeon, but here he is, ironically, still cutting things for us!

Jaabir Abdullah

Lead Animator

A true workaholic and an absolute gentleman, Jaabir is the gentle giant of our team. He loves his work so much that he waits for you to send him some even on the weekends! He’s dedicated, reliable, and always meets a deadline!

He spends a lot of time watching movies, especially Disney ones, and that is where he found his inspiration for the career he picked. He spends hours on research, and absolutely loves it when he has free reign with animation and VFX.

He always pushes the boundaries and delivers to clients much more than they expect!

Jaabir is patient, witty, and an absolute treasure to have on a team.

His only red flag is the strange aversion he has to dogs! You’ve got to balance the scales, I guess?

Roselle REGO

Head of Post-Production

Put travelling, binge watching, graphic design and a cleaning obsession together, and you get this wonderful person named Roselle Rego (our chief editor).

Her knack for creative filmmaking and editing has put her on a journey that redefines what a great film is.
Drop her off in the middle of nature with loads of footage to edit and you'd end up giving her a place of zen and peace.

As the head of post-production, she oversees the entire edit through and through. Before sending out any draft, she does her quality control check and also polishes the film with her bag of handy tools like graphic designing, animations, typography. Speaking of typography, she is the queen bee when it comes to details and aesthetics.

Finally to describe Roselle in a sentence, she is sweet and sassy. She is sugar spice and everything nice!


Project Manager

DIY, painting, crocheting and music are what keep Vrushali rolling!

Like many of us, she loves storytelling and the experience every narrative offers. She will insist to record your reaction when you watch anything made by her, as she loves to watch people's reactions to anything she surprises them with.

Although she loves sour and salty food like raw tamarind, lemon and sour candy, she is a sweet and friendly person who keeps the team together (arguably with strawberry jam)

Ps: she may go above and beyond to get you those mangoes that she likes so much.


Head of Production

If cool and calm had another word it would be Ajeeth! He is curious, intelligent, and constantly keeps busy, always experimenting with new filmmaking techniques. His love for filmmaking began very young, and it’s a story laced with nostalgia. It started when he was quite literally just playing with his father’s tapes, and here he is now, leading a production every other day! 

His family is the center of his world and loves to drive off with them to new destinations each time. His love for biryani gives his love for film a tough competition! He is our in-hour biryani connoisseur, always picking the best haunts!

Ajeeth is great with a team and the easiest person to get along with. He’s always trying to fix things and make things easier for the people around him.
NJM couldn't be luckier to have him!

bavna achayya

Head of Pre-Production

Lets begin with her love for good storytelling, Bavna takes pride in her ability to visualise an idea, and drive it home with a fabulous story!

It’s difficult to keep her indoors, for her love of travelling supersedes anything else.

When indoors- her culinary skills keep her busy, She loves Thai food; as she believes that the flavours talk to her.

Her tryst with filmmaking was more of a fairytale story, when she first discovered how a film could be weaved together magically by her pure passion of storytelling.
NJM was just lucky to have nabbed her first!

Bavna is a loving mother of a 1 year old, and also owns 9 dogs, the irony is that she is a Monica when it comes to keeping her house tidy!

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