Where does the filming take place?
Production can either be done at your premises or ours.
I want a clean backdrop setup. What do I do?
We provide the option of a white/green/black screen setup for a clean professional look.
What happens to all the footage after it’s filmed?
All your footage will be safely stored and cataloged on our servers for future use for your own films. You can use this footage for future films as well.
If I go for the Lite option, does it mean the quality of the film will come down when compared to Lite+?
Absolutely not! We provide the same professional filming, lighting, and audio equipment for both options. However, a creative director will be involved in the process if you choose Lite+
Do I have to rent any equipment for the production?
No! We bring in all the industry-standard equipment to produce your film. However, if there is an additional need (Let’s say a drone) they would be considered as add-on charges.
What if I’m not comfortable talking in front of the camera?
Nothing to be worried about. Our creative director will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and keep it as candid and natural as possible. In case you prefer, we provide an option of having a professional host giving a walkthrough in your film. This can be arranged for when communicated prior to production.
What research do I have to do in terms of production requirements like cameras/lighting etc?
None! We ensure that you are relieved of any technical hassles; that’s on us! We just want you to focus on your brand and the message you want to communicate through the film.
My brand follows very strict guidelines when it comes to its look and aesthetics. How would that look come through in the film?
We work closely with the brand to understand its values and vibe. Any guidelines to be followed in the film are communicated well in advance so that the brand image is unaltered.
What is your approximate fee?
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How many weddings have you filmed?
How many videographers / equipment will be at our wedding day?
Do you travel?
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How do I reserve my wedding date?
Will you give us the raw footage?
How will my video be delivered?
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Can I select the song for my video?
How much input do i have in the final product?
How many weddings do you’ll take up?
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